I love fiction. Love. It. There’s so many things about the real world that are great, but I spend an extraordinary amount of time in worlds that don’t really exist- whether they’re ones I’m creating myself, or those worlds created by others. That moment when the concepts start to turn from a hazy outline to a clear cityscape is one of those that I live for, watching my characters react to the obstacles I throw at them – sheer enjoyment.

This blog was created mostly so that I could talk about writing fiction, and it’s most of what you’ll find here – there’ll be dashes of silliness, but everything I write on writing is genuine advice from me, unpublished author extraordinaire.

I’ve been writing for the majority of my life, though I’ve never had the greatest work ethic with actually doing it – my garage has a lot of pages from half-finished manuscripts and screenplays that’ll probably never be resumed or completed. I’ve read a lot of books on writing, engaged in different internet communities that embraced one form of fiction or another, and have always loved talking to people about the entire creative process.

I have written guest posts for other blogs, and am happy to talk with anyone about doing more of them. Those talks about writing are so invigorating to me; where ideas come from, the possibilities that present themselves in a story, the growth of a setting and more. All of them.

You will also find a decent amount of time spent discussion games, books or films. I treat this place as my own personal soapbox to tell everyone how I think things should be done, and attempt to be entertaining as I do it. I’ve been a gamer for almost as much time as I’ve been writing, and am a huge fan of so many different games- especially Mass Effect, which’ll no doubt show up in vague references throughout the life of the blog. My favourite novel is The Count of Monte Cristo, and favourite movie is The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Yes, piña coladas are great.

If you want a nice snapshot of what the content of this blog is like , check out the following posts and pages:

Welcome to Fictioner’s Net!

Fictioner’s Net was a finalist in the Words and Writing category of the Best Australian Blogs competition for 2014, as run by the Australian Writers’ Centre.

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