Aim for Amazing

I can never tell if it’s ambition, self-belief, or some other factor that drives me to write to the lengths that I do. As much as I pay heed to the idea that there are no new stories, that things have been done before or that what we do as writers is only regurgitating the stuff of life into a form easier to get through, I know the reality of where I want to take it is somewhere else.

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Why I Had A Breakdown Over My Novel

I won’t try to relate this to a theoretical writer today.

Many of these posts are aimed at the readers. Well, whoever those are that might benefit from reading them. Sometimes they’re sounding boards – I’ll speak to the unspecified collection of writers, but in truth I’m writing it at myself, and often about whatever stage I’m at.

Today is different.

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Writing Talk: A Slow Build

It was almost fourteen years ago that I went to Europe for the first time (out of three). I was a newly minted twenty-one year old, still at university, only just working (comparatively) and an occasional dabbler in writing (much as I was until more recent times).

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Writing Talk: I want to open a dialogue

I love to talk about writing.

Specifically, talking about writing with people. The majority of what happens here is a broadcast sent out into the quiet places of the internet, but I want to engage with people, too. I don’t mean established writers, literary savants, or other wordsmiths. Well, not merely those people. I want to talk to you.

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Writing Talk: Are you an exercise in patience?

It’s rare that I go into my personal life here, though I don’t think of myself as a closed book because of it. In person, I’m often very forthcoming with details nobody really needs or wants to know about, as they pertain to things that would ordinarily be deemed personal. The writing, both the act, the specifics and the tenacious aspirations that have always gone along with it for me? Those are rarely shared.

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Writing Talk: What Makes A Great Prologue?

Here’s my approach to giving advice on writing.

If I feel like I’ve done it, if I’ve read it, or otherwise confident I know enough about it, I’ll come to some conclusions on the matter and write about it here. Sometimes I know I want to write about a particular topic, but haven’t yet worked out my angle. Often it’s me swirling ideas around in my head, and seeing what tangible points come out.

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