Writing Musts: Use Your Characters Again

I don’t do this very often. Yes, blog (shush), but also follow up a previous must. In Use Your Characters, I extolled the virtues of being lazy, and by being lazy I mean using the characters you’ve already built up in ways that makes sense for them characters, instead of trying to force a new path through your story.

That’s still true, but there’s more.

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Lost in Ways

You can read that title over and over, stressing a different word each time, and find the glimmer of another meaning. Even within a single word, the intonation could be subtly altered, and so too would the meaning be altered. I suppose that’s the purpose of punctuation, but they’re never quite right in a title. Besides, I love a bit of ambiguity.

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A Better Sense of Place

When we tell stories, verbally, in writing, or through other mediums, we attempt to transport our audience to a place or time where our story could conceivably happen. We have the characters, events and plot points that are vital to telling the story, but in many ways, the setting of a story informs the tone of what’s to come.

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Writing Musts: Use Your Characters

It’s been a while since I’ve bought any books on writing. I still read through blog posts about writing and do flick through the books I have at times, but the seek-advice stage of my writing has passed.

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A More Precise Place

When writing in a setting beyond personal experience, research and exploration can steal months or more. Whether it’s a real location or one that’s come from the imagination, there is always more that could be known.

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Writing Musts: Grappling With The Craft

For someone that spends a lot of time suggesting ideas to writers about what they should do, even with the obvious disclaimers that the methods I use might be completely opposed to your natural workflow, I really have a hard time with people telling other writers how to write.

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