Quantity Still Matters

The one thing that hasn’t changed with the word is that content is still king. It governs almost everything in terms of audience and reach, though it’s true that marketing (or promotion, brand, or whatever other stand-in term it is you cling to) plays a part too. The maxim of Quality over Quantity is still true, but when everyone is a content creator in some way, the saying becomes more of a tendency than a fixed rule.

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The Lonely Path ain’t always so

Writing is usually a solo affair. We know that. For some, it’s one of the draws, giving us an excuse not to socialise. Personally I tend toward the interactive side, particularly when it comes to writing. It shouldn’t be a surprise that I love to talk about writing, storytelling and general creativity. If I were trying to keep that a secret, this blog wouldn’t be here.

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As an overall summary, NaNoWriMo was a very positive experience this year. I hit my target and still love my story, despite spending two months planning it before I got to November – which honestly made me fear burn-out. It was very busy socially; the highlights of the month always come down to the people I meet during November, and this year I met a lot of amazing people.

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Greetings, Weary Traveller

This is to those that randomly happen across this blog because of google – please stick around, or hey, say something. With the exception of the folk that are always looking pictures of jellyfish, I see so many topics come up in the search string, that I really wish I could talk to them. Someone searched for ‘ur quan masters vs mass effect’, and didn’t stick around to chat!

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The Perils of Urgency

Keeping up with people is never easy, and it’s also never the way. Whenever something breaches new territory in a medium, it very often starts a trend, and the medium is then inundated with other attempts to capitalise on the trend until the idea is thoroughly beaten to death.

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Finding One’s Place

It turns out I’ve been blogging here for 20 weeks today. I jumped back to the first post, where I said it’d be mostly preoccupied with fiction – can’t say I ever got around to food like I thought I might, but I’ll definitely submit that I’ve posted about fiction, with a specific interest in the creation of it.

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Why Write?

I was sure that I’d touched on this before. One of the most peculiar questions to me that I’ve had about writing, is why I even do it. Why write? The question was peculiar to me, because as someone that had spent decades working on stories (even if they amounted to little more than additional memories for me), I couldn’t really understand the question being one.

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The Waking Lull

This happens all too often with me. There is a gap, or some really unreasonable distraction that emerges to wreak havoc on any sense of being orderly. It’s happening a little with my writing at the moment, both in terms of the novels I want to work on, but also with relation to this blog. I have a sense of errgh.

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Active Characters

Totally mandatory.

An active character is one that takes action with the intent of reaching a goal. They do things because they’re trying to help, or at least do something. They don’t just react to their surroundings, but they attempt to control them.

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Everything Changes

It’s the second week of a new year. I didn’t make any resolutions this year, and haven’t done for quite a few. The last time I did make a resolution, I was totally enthralled with how unique and edgy I was being by making resolutions that I wanted to break. So quirky, right? Well, no.

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That pesky inaugural post

The year is almost over. Yeah, you heard me. The year known as dos-oh-un-dos to some… those that’ve just done their bit reading this post, for one… well, it’s ending soon, and here I am with a brand new blog. I’m not sure if that makes this a fantastic time to start a blog, or a fantastically BAD time.

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