Said, Ever Unassailable

For a part of my writing that I’ve always put a lot of stock in, the absence of posts on dialogue rings peculiar. As it’s been so long since the last time I wrote about it, I feel a bit less wary about treading the same ground. The way we express ourselves, that special inner voice we all have when we’re not trying to be literary or profound, that’s a big part of it – yet that’s a matter of expression, and isn’t the same thing.

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Writing Musts: Telling the Story

One of the problems with having had a few blogs over the years is that I often forget what I’ve written about on them, versus here. As someone that prefers to go against the grain of standard writing advice, I could’ve sworn I’d written on here about that classic piece of advice “Show don’t tell.”

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The Wavering Mind’s Eye

One of the recurring lessons when it comes to writing, and the pursuit of that final draft that becomes something we’d be proud of having published, is that not all sentences start perfect.

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On Expression: The Roads Run Down

There’s a moment of realisation in writing, when you look at the expressions that you use by instinct, and realise that the first-shot may not be the best. I’m a firm believer in the important of voice when it comes to writing, but there’s a difference between what comes first, and what comes naturally.

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One hundred ways to say it

I can’t remember exactly why I stopped being so secretive about my writing. I recall a point in time where I’d be ridiculously vague (even in comparison to how terribly vague I still am now), and then the now, where I’ll share early snippets of my writing, or allude to characters, and all that goodness that shows I’ve been writing and not just procrastinating.

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The Mood of your Story

Sometimes when I start these, I’m sure that I’m retreading old ground. Okay, yes, it’s ALL old ground considering somebody else has covered every single thing about writing you can imagine at some point (even Ring Method, despite my self-indulgent glee at ‘discovering’ it).

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