A Gaming Blog – My Other Other Other Thing

In keeping with the trend of I have of doing entirely too many things on the off-chance that one of them might eventually lead to one of the lives I want to live, I started a new project earlier this year.  Coupling the knowledge that came from being involved with gaming communities in my twenties, writing communities later (including NaNoWriMo, this blog, writing groups and more), and also writing spatterings of my own facile attempts at game journalism, I started a game blog of my own.

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Entry Zero: A New Side-Project

In case you hadn’t heard, I started writing for Save Game back in August this year. I can’t remember when the site first popped onto my radar but can say it had become my first stop for any gaming-related news long before. It’s one of the reasons you won’t see much in the way of games writing on Fictioner’s Net anymore.

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Behind the Curtain

A recent post by a friend on her gaming site, SaveGame (yes, same one from the sidebar) really honed in on the sort of malaise I’ve been feeling myself. Losing the passion for the things you once loved, feeling empty in the moments spent in a hobby that used to provide a sense of fulfilment, it can make you feel lost.

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The Gamer’s Journey

For the second time around, I’ve written something on storytelling in games. To make things a little different, this time I sought the wisdom and experiences of others. This here post is merely to announce it to the world, and link to the relevant bits. The most important thing to get out of the way, is that I’m really honoured to have had such remarkable people offer me their time and input, so that I could write more about it.

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Coming Home: PAX Australia



Reading Penny Arcade was just something that was done as someone who loved videogames, and though I had never gotten involved with tabletop, wargaming or various nerdy (and I use that term lovingly) card games, there was a great deal of representation for my preferred gaming poison.

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I Would Play 400 Days, and I Would Play 400 More

Earlier this year, I attended a seminar on “Storytelling in Games” (relevant post). In that post, I spoke about The Walking Dead: The Game, of which clips were briefly shown. I hadn’t played it at the time, but eventually got around to it.

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Narratives and Storytelling in Games – My Night at the NSWWC

On Tuesday, 16th of April, 2013, I returned to the New South Wales Writer’s Centre with Kate. It had been almost precisely eight months since we were last there, to dine on spit roast, eat delicious cake (apparently a trend at the NSWWC), and oh yes, get married.

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Why I’m happy with The Cave

It took all of twenty seconds of research for me to be interested in The Cave. I had adventure games from my very first computer, onwards, and some of the games that’ve stayed in my memory longest have been such games. I played through most of the Lucasarts and Sierra catalogues, as well as the more-than-occasional other.

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Get your shit together, Gaming.

I love games. Console, PC, what-have-you. I’ll even go in for the shitty portable game apps at times (though yeah, there’s some great ones too). As a hobby, it’s sat side-by-side with my writing for many years, and as you’ve probably seen from previous posts (unless you’re brand new here), I’ve been influenced by games to a great degree.

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