Into the Unknown

Despite the quelled nature of this blog, bereft of update or advice, the spirit of writing hasn’t left me. At the moment I don’t write as much as I ought to, though my spirits have lifted of late and the possibility of more words has also become more plausible as the year has gone on. There have been a few jaunts into other forums, different kinds of writing for different mediums, though it’s still the setting of the novel that calls loudest.

In terms of the greater setting, intertwined with more than one of the first draft novels I’ve worked on over the years, as well as a baggage-addled project I’ve been carrying in some form or another for the past twenty years, I recently started poking at it, trying to see what sort of unravelling one character might do to the overall flow. That character isn’t a big player in the kick-off novel, though does grow into the great, grand antagonist, and given my predilection for twisting in some sort of time travel or alternate dimensions, you can just guess the kind of nonsense I was entertaining.

In the end, I couldn’t work out a way through the possible timelines that was suitable – I couldn’t have a character interfere with the circumstances of its own creation, in a way that didn’t create greater inconsistencies. Sure, the use of identifiable paradoxes, originating timelines, and other techniques have been used to handle these issues in other time-travel works, and the presence of dimension manipulation in the setting introduced the possibility of a get-out-of-plot-holes-and-inconsistencies card, but my initials are not S.M. and I have no interest in cheating the reader.

So, the good news there is that it means I don’t have cause to complicate this novel any further than it already is, which is great news for me and anyone that’s likely to lay eyes upon it. Given this fictional entity is wise enough to not mess around with its origin lest it cease to exist at all, it means I can leave that level of recklessness for the humans of the setting, and use that facet for an additional dose of complication a few stories down the line.

Anyway, I know my two amazing beta readers must be tired of the amount of time it’s taken for this to come together, and I hope it isn’t much longer before I’m able to share it once again.

There have been a number of changes to the moving pieces of the story since that first draft, and there are still a few unknowns that will swing one way or another depending on how the rewrite goes forward, but I have to believe it will be better for it. Unfortunately there are no shortcuts at this point, just a lot of work on a lot of aspects of the story, and steamrolling through the days of waywardness.

I suppose that is the point of this all – that there’s no magical ingredient missing, no aspect I hadn’t considered, just a lot of writing to do, and a lot of hoping that these words are going to appeal to more than myself.


This might not come as a surprise, but Fictioner’s Net is effectively closing. The lights will turn off on December 2nd, at which point the domain is likely to direct to some god-awful clickbait site infested with malicious ads and questionable popups, but hopefully to nothing at all.

This site started up after NaNoWriMo 2012 – the year I was a very unofficial Co-ML trying to help an ML who had been left in the position on her own. I found at write-ins, I did my best to help provide advice born from many years of writing, reading, reading about writing and writing about writing. It was enough to make me want to have a corner of the internet to offer that advice, and as tends to happen half through preference and half through necessity, I started it on my own.

Some of the site has gone that way, some providing commentary on my own personal writing journey through different stories and rewrites, and then a mix of whatever is going on – either in my life or the world at large.

In times like we’ve had lately, I’m torn between wanting to hide in writing, and in being stuck in a numbness that prevents any words from flowing out. Other than retreads of old content or ideas, ranting at the universe, or providing mini updates, there’s not a lot that here can have added while these circumstances are present.

I closed the Facebook Page and Twitter account for the site last month, and did maybe remove a few recent posts because I don’t think I’ve ever gotten past the guilt felt by the circumstances of the last active post. It’s something I still think about regularly, and not just because my own venture into the same waters has struggled. I know I wouldn’t have been able to maintain that site alone, but leaving it has also killed it. That isn’t the point of this at all, though.

It’s about Fictioner’s Net for now.

One reveal that may not be a surprise, is that many of my advisory posts over the years were targeted at a particular person. Myself. It didn’t always keep me on track, but it seemed I ran into the same problems that many others did. If you ever wondered why I seemed to know what was causing you the most grief with writing, there’s the secret. There was no special insight – these are all problems that some of us face at times, and we’re in this dance between words and ideas together.

With that said, it really is over.

I have a whole lot of thank yous to give.

Thank you to those that reached out to me after the last, now-removed post.

Thank you to those that have read, shared or even commented any of these words over the years.

Thank you to Ken, who kindly donated the domain last year when I was originally planning to close things down. I’m only sorry I didn’t capitalise on it by contributing here as much as I could have, but more that I haven’t written enough in the past twelve months either.

Thank you to Hong, Chani, Darren, Tash, Jimmy for contributing to my feature, “The Gamer’s Journey”, which laid the path for me to pursue game writing.

Thank you all guest contributors.

Thank you to anyone that’s read one of my drafts – whether it’s the last perpetual redraft of For More Than Earthly Ends, or one of my earlier, raw drafts of another story.

Thank you to everyone that ever believed this was going somewhere.

Thank you to everyone that helped the site become a finalist in the Australian Writers’ Centre’s Best Blogs competition in 2014, through support, votes or forbidden magicks.

Thank you to everyone that ever believed this was going somewhere.

Thank you if you did check out one of my other projects. I can’t guarantee they won’t travel the same road as here (and these days that seems a likely outcome), but for even a short while, amazing things seem possible.

Thank you if you’re here, reading this. It’s quite far down the page.

Thank you if you write. We need it more than ever.

Cliques Are Stupid

I hate them. I hate dealing with them. I hate the stress of them.

There’s a propensity for the previously downtrodden to think their troubled past or exclusion from popularity is some kind of excuse, as though they’re the only ones that had it rough. Newsflash, you didn’t. Just because you were an outcast in High School doesn’t mean it’s your turn to cast out others when you’re out.

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Steady at Six

2014 is a funny sort of year. After having a few runs at the gauntlet that is NaNoWriMo, I’m about to embark on my sixth attempt. While I’ve suggested I know what I’m going to write about, the truth is that (like every other year), there’s a strong chance I’ll change what I’m going to write about before the month of November begins.

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The Re-Read, and then I go crazy.

Howdy 🙂 It’s been a little while since I’ve done an update, which wasn’t much of an update and more of a way of shirking responsibility. I completed the first read of my first draft, and while it was difficult at times to not start changing things around, I was able to get through it.

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As an overall summary, NaNoWriMo was a very positive experience this year. I hit my target and still love my story, despite spending two months planning it before I got to November – which honestly made me fear burn-out. It was very busy socially; the highlights of the month always come down to the people I meet during November, and this year I met a lot of amazing people.

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Overcoming Writing Hurdles

I’ve been working on a rewrite for a while now. I didn’t want this to be a straight edit, because the original opener for this was something I’d written hastily. I also struggled with rewriting the original first scene of the novel, and for some reason, convinced myself that if I got past this ridiculous scene, I would unlock my chakra or chi or muse or well, some innate writing force within myself.

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