Who The Hell Is Writing This Shit Anyway?

I’d be the first to say that sometimes when you write, things can get away from you. Some writers talk about how a character acts autonomously, or how the events that happen on the page divert wildly from what they first imagined. It seems strange to others since writing appears to be a conscious act, but for some the subconscious interjects with its take, unable to be wrangled.


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The Dangerous Power of Story

We are all exposed to stories. There’s few lives they haven’t touched, though the most troubling of them are to be shaken off as a mere collection of words.¬†Words aren’t considered¬†with the same weight as actions. Words against us should be shrugged away as unlike sticks or stones, it’s suggested they can’t hurt us.

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Feed What’s Right or Feed the Rot

I’m drawing a line. It’s a figurative, metaphorical line, but one nonetheless.

It’d be convenient for some people this on blame recent events that have as yet remained undisclosed, but the truth is I’ve been leaning this way for a while. Can you guess where this is going?

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Our Responsibility as Writers

I wrote Shimmer in the month of November, 2009. In the space of those thirty days, it went from a ten-point-plan, to the longest thing I’d ever written. Fifty-three-thousand words. The most I’d ever done before was around 12K, and that was over the space of a much longer period of time, and resembled an embellished plan rather than a readable novel.

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