Going Where It Needs To

I’ve actually been working on my novel. This will be a surprise to some. The fact that this could possibly be a surprise to people that read this blog that don’t know me is two-fold: a writer working on their novel shouldn’t be a surprise, and it being a potential surprise is in itself a possible surprise.

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The First Shuffle

Following on from my recent post, I enacted the new approach, at least in terms of writing (though yes, I’m also addressing the game-related stuff in my own way, as described in the post). I started dabbling in a piece of fanfiction where I could switch my brain off and just write, which is perfect for something I’m passionate about but where I’m okay with things being off.

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It Makes Sense To Me

Over the weekend, yesterday, I was I was going through the process of teaching my son about comedy. He’s almost seven, so EVERYTHING is hilarious, and he’s also very keen to make jokes of his own.

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Timing, The Many Worlds Theory and Revision

A lot of writing, the physical act of writing anyway, is not really writing. Technically it is, but there’s often more time spent on rewriting, which is a special type of writing that’s meant for a specific purpose. So long as we’ve learned to let go of hang-ups with perfectionism, we’re aware that the bits we write down first are going to need fixing.

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Writing Musts: Publish ASAP!

You might be like me, especially if you got here from one of my links to the post. You’re a writer, working on the draft of something, and potentially doing NaNoWriMo. If you’re on track, you’ve got at least thirty-thousand words already, and the big 50K is in sight. You have friends who want to read what you’re working on, and you’re seeing people already discussing their publishing plans.

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Right Place, Wrong Time

I’ve been thinking a lot about places lately. The setting of the stories I write, stewing over the places I live, and picturing the details of the insane dreams I have. Some of it’s brought on by the restart of my NaNo novel – instead of starting in the thick of battle, I want to start in the thick of normal life.

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