Revisiting Your World

So time to talk about For More Than Earthly Ends, that thing I should be working on more but have had trouble fitting in after moving house, jobs, offices, gaining a baby, having a regular game journalist gig, and well, all those other bits of life. I have been floundering on the rewrite since about December, and a lot of the reasons listed above are big reasons.

I’m still struggling with one particular chapter, and I think it’s because there’s a lot more that happens in it than originally did.

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Writing Musts: Start the Clock, then the Story

I wish I could remember which book introduced me to the term in medias res. We’ve all been exposed to stories that use the technique, but having a name for it made it real. It’s been (at least) fifteen-plus years since I read about it, but it’s still one of those pieces of knowledge that infest my writing. I’d even consider it formative.

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A Better Sense of Place

When we tell stories, verbally, in writing, or through other mediums, we attempt to transport our audience to a place or time where our story could conceivably happen. We have the characters, events and plot points that are vital to telling the story, but in many ways, the setting of a story informs the tone of what’s to come.

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A More Precise Place

When writing in a setting beyond personal experience, research and exploration can steal months or more. Whether it’s a real location or one that’s come from the imagination, there is always more that could be known.

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The Wavering Mind’s Eye

One of the recurring lessons when it comes to writing, and the pursuit of that final draft that becomes something we’d be proud of having published, is that not all sentences start perfect.

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Other Kinds of Knowing

There’s something to be said for taking a pen to a fresh notebook, or opening up a new document in Word, Scrivener, or your other electronic tool of choice. There’s an immeasurable degree of freedom present when you’re working with what’s empty, but your ideas and inspirations (and of course, whatever forced construction of a narrative that might be required) soon lead it into a potential story.

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Building Better Worlds

When I was younger, most of my writing ideas tended toward either fantasy or science-fiction. I suppose not much has changed in that regard. I also used to play mostly adventure games, and the great majority of my favourites went for the same overall genre. The time I spent with the whole Quest for Glory series was… interesting.

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The World Around Us

I find the world to be a fascinating place. Over the past few days, I’ve been talking to some friends that live in climates far colder than where I reside, hearing how to them snow is just an everyday occurrence, and that things like puddles can freeze as a regular thing – it’s actually awe-inspiring to me. I do have that inclination, though. My wife often catches me staring at a sunset with a goofy smile on my face, absorbing the beauty of the world.

Yeah, it’s going to be one of those posts. BYO puke bucket.

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Right Place, Wrong Time

I’ve been thinking a lot about places lately. The setting of the stories I write, stewing over the places I live, and picturing the details of the insane dreams I have. Some of it’s brought on by the restart of my NaNo novel – instead of starting in the thick of battle, I want to start in the thick of normal life.

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