Printable versions are here: ( NaNoWriMo-edition | 2014 Worksheet edition )

We don’t need a publishing contract. We don’t need a title. All we need is an idea.

Alright, there’s some hideous mutants that don’t even need an idea, a prompt, or a thought to write. They can start with a blank page, and immediately put pen to paper in a manner that gradually produces a story. I can only assume they practice evil blood magic and become possessed by angry dolphin spirits (who are angry because they lack the opposable thumbs necessary for writing), and that’s how they’re able to produce something out of nothing.  They’re called pantsers, and we hate them.

Well, not hate, though we’ll be ignoring them for now.

What this series is about, is formulating a plan. The idea is that you should be able to go from zero idea, to something that you could work with. There are a lot of other write-ups out there about how to plan a novel, and this is intended to produce a very basic outline. It will probably not be useful if you want to plan out each scene ahead of time, however it would be possible to extrapolate what this covers into those scenarios.

Welcome to the Plan Plan.

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