None of the ideas  we came up with previously were particularly interesting ideas, though we have enough to get started. They’re just story concepts, meaning we ought to put them in somewhere. That means setting, or names, or whatnot. With a little embellishment, we have four potential premises.

  • The Dandelion Trap – In 2067, a research team designs an artificial neuron based on the structure of a Dandelion seed head. Trials begin using the neuron for cerebral rehabilitations in instances of brain damage, and eventually become common implants in brains throughout the world. Head researcher has an aneurysm, and second lead on team investigates, discovering that the artificial neurons are autonomous, and capable of controlling the brain.
  • The Dandelion Empire – Suzie Dandelion inherited her father’s legacy, The Dandelion Toy Company. One night, late at the factory, she discovers Bragin, Commander of the Lorsa, on one of the conveyor belts. She wrongfully assumed it to be a prototype toy, so when thousands more appear, she has no hesitation about shipping the miniature-bear-like “Snarfles ™” out across the country. She keeps Bragin as her own personal Snarfle, and in her loneliness, relies on the animated yet seemingly inanimate creature as a confidante. When the Lorsa are bought as toys for the children of the country, they put into action their plot to steal the world’s dandelions, in the first step in their plan to take over the world. Somewhere along the way, Bragin falls in love with Suzie – hijinks ensue.
  • Kiss of the Dandelion – In a non-descript fantasy village, a suspicious plague is ending the life of hundreds, and the most recent to fall victim was Queen Lania. A drunkard, the disgraced village alchemist, is tasked with creating a cure – his only lead, a savage marauder woman captured in a neighbouring village, who has remained immune from the plague. It is while the marauder woman is being visited upon by a dancer that the alchemist discovers something peculiar about her, and the dancer’s link to a mysterious flower that has begun appearing amongst the clovers.
  • Dandelion: The Benjamin Gunderson Story – World-class chef Benjamin Gunderson has lost it all. His friends, his family, his restaurant… and his reputation. His rival, the villainous Queen of Quiche Emily Baxter-Farrow, had disgraced Chef Gunderson in his hometown of Lanningpool by creating a better, more spectacular pie. Gunderson’s assistant, Penelope Hartnell, has discovered a recipe that would restore Gunderson’s claim as the Pie-Master. The National Museum has a special exhibit, with a certified recipe from the 1305 for a Quail and Dandelion Pastie, that would redeem Gunderson in the eyes of the entire world.

I don’t know if it’s worth going through my mental process. These are pretty out-there ideas. For the Question story, I obviously had the “something bad” bit there, so for that to be the case, these things would need to be more than they appeared. The problem is the design is taken from nature, and we want that to be somehow relevant, so the obvious explanation was that the structure as it exists in nature, is not natural. It was designed. Alternative method might have been for the whole Dandelion thing to be a ruse/cover story for a government attempt to implant everyone with head controllers.

The Elements story is just plain… silly. Feels a bit like a cross between an actual Furby, and a movie like Mars Attacks! That’s the level of seriousness I imagine, hence why the two main characters could fall in love. The love angle comes from the “It’s not what it looks like”, Space Jam manifests in the stealing our powers – or in this case, our dandelions (in case that wasn’t obvious). Ring story is down to characters. I’ve obviously added to it, by making the scientist a drunk (and by turning the setting into a fantasy, the scientist becomes an alchemist). For the Nugget story, I added a few extra characters, but that just serves as additional background.

These are just starting points though! There’s still much more that can be done before we have a basic outline of our individual stories, but remember, the premise is unalterable!

The Short Version:

You need a blurb. This is the starting premise of your story, with a hint of what the major obstacle might be. This does not have to be the same blurb you would use on the backcover.

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